Services Offered

Commercial Painting



At Crout & Heller Painting, we love what we do and it shows in our work. Our network of painters is professional and experienced in all painting and decorating services. We are committed to on-time starts and on-time completions – within budget.

We are so proud to be trusted to work around some of Arizona's most valued treasures. Recent work includes several notable locations, including the AK Chin Casino Remodel,City of Tempe Public Works, and the Carvana Store in Tempe. 

We have also been enlisted to provide service to AR Mays Construction, Cullum Homes, Genova Detwiler, National Bank of Arizona, GCon Construction, and Layton Construction – just to mention a few.

We are honored to be on their preferred vendors list, and we are thankful that theytrust us to help their customers. They know we will be fair and honest, and they tell them: “Call Crout & Heller”.

Residential Painting



We Help Realize Your Vision

Are you looking for a company that you trust to complete a residential painting job? Look no further!

 Crout & Heller Painting provides a variety of services for painting, and one of them is residential. Your home is a focal point that represents who you are. It is important to maintain the upkeep of both the interior and the exterior of the home. Crout & Heller Painting can help you with that with our quality residential services.

Despite our name, our services are not just limited to painting only, we do other things that will help spruce up the interior and exterior of your home!
With over 20 years experience and a long history of satisfied, repeat customers, Crout & Heller Painting has the experience and know-how to help you achieve everything you are looking for in your next painting or decorating project.

Epoxy Floor Coatings


Crout & Heller's trained technicians will clean and prep your concrete floor with specialized equipment.  

Commercial grade epoxy primers, coatings, and finishes are applied for a durable and elegant surface.  

Commercial grade epoxy coatings at a competitive price for your garage, basement, shop, or any other concrete floor.  

Contact Crout & Heller today for a free estimate! 

Drywall Installation


 To work that fast takes practice and a few specialized tools. But hanging drywall is not just about speed. Doing the job right means using the right company. 

 With Crout & Heller you will get what you deserve, This particular process could be a nightmare for many people and no matter how handy people are drywall is just something not many people want to deal with. 

 We believe Drywall should be easy to calculate and figure out a price. Crout & Heller uses the most advance technology in the trade and we believe giving you this special attention will make your project easier than ever. 

Drywall Finishing



We believe making walls smooth and ready for paint is even harder than installing Drywall . This process is an art and takes years to master.

Crout & Heller understands the importance of experience, with more then 20 years in the industry. you will get one of the most experienced crew in the country, our process to hire are very strict and we believe that getting the best crew to your project will create our success.

Metal Framing


Metal framing is used to lay the framework for walls that divide rooms or for ceilings that look like they are dropped.

We take great pride in the framing contracts we’ve completed over the years, our small part in making Arizona the greatest place to live on earth.

 As our customer, you can be confident that retaining our assistance means every penny is well spent. Whether you are a manufacturing facility, corporation, industrial or commercial facility, the solutions that we offer to your framing problems are effective. We have experience with over dozens of different projects for a wide variety of clients. Trust us with your framing problem. Our solutions work!